ok…..so when they said the concrete truck is coming next week…this didnt mean the concretes coming for the floor…it meant the concretes coming to fill the blocks needed for the foundations!!!!!!
Right.. so I am alittle slow picking up the process of building a house…but I did see progress on my visit yesterday…no concrete floor but that is happening next week.
  The shape of the house is now obvious…my god dosent it look small like that …how am I ever going to fit all my furniture into that small space…let alone 2 kitchens!!!!!!  But Richard who is overseeing my build told me it would look small and yes …it will end up a large house………………I  know Richard would never lie to a little grey haired lady!!!!!!
Plenty more piles of dirt…Tim has done a great job working out the shape of the drive.
Not so much mud, a few days of sunshine has made a huge difference to the site .
Went and saw the bathman again yesterday to confirm the bath and the legs.I will post a pic soon of the bath…………….at this stage you would not want to even use it for a trough but  I know this ugly duckling will turn into a swan!!!!!!!The next step is for me to decide on colours for the bath…which means I will need to decide on the colour of my bedroom…which is hard as I still havent decided on the colour for the floor tiles…you can see why my head is always whirring away!!!!!! I am having floor mounted taps on the side for this bath…..even deciding on the placement  of both bath and taps took a bit of thought.!!
  I have photos to download but also need to get off to the farmers market so these may not apear till tonight.
The next thing I will be doing is chosing all the hardware…all black wrought iron…going with Richard to talk to the firm building all the internal and external doors and working shutters….all being built from solid wood and in a few weeks sitting down with the electrician to work out the lighting plan…..in the meanwhile I have been sourcing old rustic french looking lights from various sources…amazing what you can find out there..Bluemoon in Havelock North,Trade me,Recollections in Wellington.and even one fixture from a lighting chainstore.Nothing uniform or standard in this house.
Beams have also been organised for the kitchen and dining room..more rustic features,,,chunky macrocarpa beams…yes dust collectors I know …but have you ever seem a rural french house without beams??????

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