Yes dosen’t this bath look just gorgeous…like I  said previously I wouldnt  even want to use it for a trough…but when it is all completed and has been  recoated I will post a picture of the finished bath…with gorgeous shell feet.It is amazing what can be done with a bath like this…you may ask why go to all that trouble and not just buy a new bath…well most of them are acrylic or plastic and have even been known to buckle if you have the water at the temp I like to have a bath!! I looked at buying a cast iron bath and you are looking at about $3,500..when I can get this recoated and to the colours of my desire for  less than a third of that cost!!!taps will be the telephone type coming up from the floor…….next hurdle is deciding on the colours as that will determine the colour of the room….that is why I am ploughing my way through 17 sheets of colour swatches…and what colours am I going to use in my house……..yes a colour in every room…none of this colour flow through my house…I want shock value!!!!!!

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