Sorry skip to heavy to move but the wrap is on which makes it easier to see the size of windows etc.
From left to right the holes are as follows….french doors into bedroom.3..window for ensuite for bedroom 2…french doors for bedroom2…the large hole is for the large french doors into dining room that leads into large kitchen1…then 2 more lots of french doors that go into the lounge…the two small windows are window for my ensuite and window for my bedroom.My french doors go off the end into a small walled garden .Hope you got the jist of all that!!!!!!
  Tiles are in the country so they should start going up this week.I would say it will look like a different house in another month… roof will be on and window and doors in……I would say the shutters will be the last to go on.All these doors across the front will have working shutters.

I will take some more photos from other angles next week so you can see the other rooms etc.
  Was lovely taking friends through it yesterday.

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