Wow look at the sun in Hawkes Bay today…this is such a great place to live…. ideal for my roof to be completed!!!!.Sorry there has not been much activity this last week on my blog but I am sure to have some good photos this week.The one good thing that happened on Friday was that I received my rapid number…140…that means I have 1.4kms to walk to the letterbox to get the mail!!!!good exercise my son Luke would tell me………….I wonder if I should get a pushbike…no second thoughts  the sight would be a bit of a shock for the neighbours and I  dont think I would do very well on the metal road…..walking ,it is I guess…mmmm theres always my car!!!!!!

Lots of things happening behind the scenes though…been talking to my kitchen man Tony,colours almost sorted…bath being powder coated as we speak… hopefully more photos this week

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