Had hoped I could have posted pics of the windows and doors but…alas that will be next week but they are all finished…I must say  to myself ten times,,,Just be patient Kem…just be patient kem….just be patient kem…………………BUT there has been plenty happening.Preperation to the walls for the cladding to  go up…..finishing to the tiles..theres  been alot of work with all the fiddly final touches ….and all the bracing has started inside for the gibbing to commence.Theres about 3 days alone assembling all of the bracing according to the contractor I spoke to yesterday.
  The lighting search is still going but have probably 2/3rds of the lighting purchased or being revamped or checked out!!Yesterday was spent looking at appliances…OMG do you know how many brands of dishwashers are out there!!!….let along any other applicances.Finally have decided on a FALCON stove for the main kitchen.Floor tiles are all ordered,AND yesterday I met the meter reader coming to read my meter…haha he had no gummies on so he would have been in for a shock!!!!!!!
The earthmoving contractor is due next week to do drainage and tidy up the flow of the driveway…Progress is happening…. but so hard when you have lived out of your suitcase for 2 yrs 5 months….you just want it finished…must remember just  to be patient Kem…. ARGGGGHHHHHHH

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