A Few Weeks to Go

Gosh I have just flicked through my posts and I have come along way since March when i started this project…to think I am only a few weeks away to finally finishing this dream…the gib is almost all up…the tiles will start going down,the fire is waiting to be installed….bath will be in a few weeks…colours almost chosen for the rooms…only a few outside lights to purchase….pavers for outside selected…had discussion about the wire pergola,vege boxes and wardrobe layout…Kitchen underway…time for Mr Dodge to come and shape the driveway and bring some metal!!garage door will be in soon…oh yes we still have the house to plaster and the shutters to go up…………..almost time to start thinking about that trip to Moore Wilson to start filling up that wonderful pantry!!!…and wine fridge!!!!…oh yes we do have all the wrought iron work to be completed….phew theres going to be some busty(Hmmmm I think that should be  BUSY ) tradesman over the next few weeks!!!
I have promised my poor car a complete makeover when this project is finished…that means a wash and the disposal of all the coffee cups and V tins that fly around,I promise I wont travel 100kms through all that mud ever again….oh my leg feels like wood and my nose is growing…isnt that what happened to pinnochio when he lied…have I ever been known to wash my car?????…well I do promise that I wont drive with muddy gumboots quite as much…the mud so wrecks my suede work shoes!!!!!!!!!!

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