Tiling Update

Yes I may not have any paint on the walls(Phew still have a few decisions in this dept!!!)  but tiles are going down at a rapid rate…such alot of tiling to be done we decided to get this underway…each week from now on should see alot of changes happening!!!! Water tanks sitting in place….off to see the bath man tomorrow ,at this stage I have a bath with only 3 legs(Unattached at present )..may be an interesting visit,especially as I am in a dont mess with me mood!!!!
The tiles are looking great….cant wait to see them in real life!!!!!!!..have to say thanks to the team at Hemmingway construction (Jennian Homes ) who keep me updated with photos and news…thanks guys…you are sure helping me keep my sanity!!!!!!!!
Promised my poor car that I would relieve it of all the paving slabs and the giant green pot that has been in the back for the last week….thank goodness that car cant speak!!!!!!

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