Painting Decisions

Still alot to do to the main walled garden…have 2 windows to  cut out ready for wrought iron and wrought iron gates to made….these will go in once all plastered….next week will see the internal doors go on and the skirting boards and door surrounds go on as well,window and door fitting to go on and toilets hung…vanities to go in and handbasins in place…wall spouts for basins to go in….phew those poor builders and then wont be long before the tiler is back!!!!!Kitchens,laundry and scullery  due to arrive on the 12th.
…have to say the painters have made an absoluteyl fantastic job…the cutting in with all the colours is superb…yes there is alot of different colours….but you will have to wait till it is all pulled together and all the furniture is in.I am really thrilled with the colours…it was so hard not to keep going back to the victorian colours I have liked for so long but it has been exciting making new choices!!!
Thanks to the painters…you guys are awesome!!!!!!

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