Lots Going On

Yes it has been a while since I have written a post…it is not always easy with mobile broadband …because mobile broadband has a mind of its own sometimes!!!…so here is a treat… lots of pics as there has been alot happening out at maison de cuisine!!!!!…I have a move in date and that is 23rd Nov…yes 3 weeks away!!!!!!The house now  has 2 walled gardens ready to be plastered,the house is all painted inside,the shutters are all made,painted and hiding in my little kitchen ready to be hung in due course,the kitchen is well underway.the electrician will be hanging my lights next friday and on Sat I will be working with the kitchen designer to distress my big dresser going into my kitchen…so it is all go.

i have taken time out this weekend to go to some FAWC events here in Hawkes Bay which so far have been fantastic!!

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