whats been happening this week!!

This week I finally had time to make Hummingbird cake…if you have never tried it…it is worth the effort!! A lovely moist cake enriched with bananas, crushed pineapple and pecan nuts topped off with a lovely cream cheese and passion fruit icing…I had hoped to have posted a pic but the minute I had finished it, and  because it was a wet day I had visitors galore…the end result…only a couple of slices left and it looked a bit pitiful to post the remains!!! 

Great to see the sun today and I have started composting my vege garden so that it will produce well for me  in the summer.

Tomorrow I am going to make some mozzarella cheese as this is one of my favourite ingredients this week…just love it on my pizzas…will post the results of my effort!!

I am getting close to having the first mow of my newly laid lawn out the front..never thought I would get excited about mowing lawns, but when you have a new house ,it is so nice to see some green!!!!!!

Interest in my classes is certainly building up with a lot of enquiries, have done some private classes, have group bookings booked and looks like I have some interest in morning classes as well….so roll on summer when the grape vines will be growing on my pergola and we can lunch outside in the sun!!!!!!


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