I hunted for months to find an apple cutter!!!!

One year while  attending the Melbourne Food and Wine show with my  friend Liz ,we had coffee in this wonderful pastry shop . They had apple and pear tarts in their appropriate shapes…they looked just so wonderful. I came home and scoured the country, websites and every avenue I could think of to find a LARGE apple shaped cutter. How difficult could that be????…I could find small ones but no large ones. About 12 months later I received a message from Liz to say she had found some in Moore Wilsons in Wellington. For any of you keen cooks who have not had the Moore Wilson experience…make sure you find MW next time you are in Wellington!!!……………you will need to keep a couple of hours aside!!!!! and make sure you try their freshly squeezed orange juice, rotisserie chicken from their chicken truck in the carpark and check out the cheeses!!!!!!…and of course the cooking equipment department…their cookbook room………………….. you will never want to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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