Summer is here….hopefully!

Well this summer is certainly turning out to be a crazy one. I don’t think I have seen Hawke’s Bay so green for mid January. Rain….we can have a week with 30 degree days and then the following week, I am concerned that I am going to be flooded in!!!
My vegetable garden is totally at a loss what to do…go to seed, grow enormous cabbages or not let tomatoes ripen. The amount of leaf on everything is massive!!!
2018 was a tough year health wise and I had to reduce my classes to recover but all going well I will be up and running at full speed for 2019. I have a few exciting things that I am hoping will come to fruition this year….will keep you updated. Have been stocking a few products from Archeus here in the bay and Kim Morgan the potter down the road has been supplying me with some of his interesting pottery. His reusable coffee mugs are due for delivery soon.
CLasses…I am hoping to start putting classes up on my website this weekend. So keep an eye out!!! for what is coming up!!!

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