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Spring is in the air

Wahoo! spring is in the air...my fruit trees are in full bud ready to burst open,my vege plants are almost growing before my eyes and I am busy putting compost on all my gardens. Roses are pruned(all three of them) and hydrangeas are trimmed and budding up nicely. Remember it doesn't...

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Mid winter French Christmas FAWC event

I was kindly invited by the Farmhouse Kitchen to be part of "A Winter French Christmas FAWC event "on the 8th June. What fun we had entertaining 14 guests and showing them how to make a Christmas terrine and a spicy stacked meringue dessert. We then served up a delicious French Christmas lunch for them...
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Melbourne..what a food place.

I always have these good intentions of writing a regular blog and it just never seems to happen...I am always scrambling for spare time!! Have just had a quick trip to Melbourne... getting to lots of foodie places was not easy this trip....I have just become nana to twin boys so I was visiting them...8 weeks...
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Summer is here….hopefully!

Well this summer is certainly turning out to be a crazy one. I don't think I have seen Hawke's Bay so green for mid January. Rain....we can have a week with 30 degree days and then the following week, I am concerned that I am going to be flooded in!!! My vegetable garden is totally at...
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New additions to the family

A couple of hens have added interest to my surroundings. Especially today while being unwell and in bed , I could hear tapping on the glass doors only to be greeted by one plump white hen. Have to say I am enjoying my fresh eggs. My little orchard has put on great growth over summer...
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It’s tomato time

I seem to find it hard to post a regular blog but I have decided that I need to find the time!!!This summer has been wonderful for my vegetable garden. I have been over run with produce. The tomatoes have been great and I have made some wonderful dishes and relish with...
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Yes it is winter!!!!

I never seem to have enough hours in the day and with winter upon us it is even more difficult. One of my favourite dishes over winter is chicken with tarragon and Dijon mustard and roast vegetable tart with pesto and ricotta. Both these dishes are in some of my classes over winter...along with some...
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Wahoo summer is on the way!!!

Yes we are almost into November...and I have been busy getting my summer vegetable garden planted...mind you, someone forgot to tell mother earth about summer being on the way and the rain and cold days are getting a bit tiring!!! I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a great idea on how to keep...
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